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Home Seller: Photography Checklist

One of the most important aspects of selling a home is taking quality images.

Your realtor has invested in hiring Ryan O’Donnell Photography to photograph your home.

The images of your home will appear on the MLS and in national websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, and more!

Your buyers are searching and your agent is ready.

The National Association of Realtors has conducted multiple studies showing that professionally photographed homes get on average 61% more views, 31% less days on market, and sell for more money!

By completing this checklist your home will be ready!

Wooden Structure

Please make sure "Listed Items In Yellow" are checked and ready before your photographer arrives.

  • Photographer is not responsible for window blinds or curtains but will attempt to turn off all lights prior to leaving.

  • Please provide 3 days notice to cancel or reschedule if you will not be ready by your appointment time to avoid a cancelation fee.


Ryan O'Donnell Photography provides 10 minutes of home prep assistance upon arrival.

  • 10 minutes of home prep includes adjusting blinds, shower curtains, straightening chairs and setting the lights in a manner that make for better photos, videos and 3D tours.

  • Giving recommendations for larger items that may be better if moved or removed by the home owner.

  • Ryan O'Donnell Photography does not provide house keeping services, please be set and ready or additional charges will apply.

  • Ryan O'Donnell Photography does not provide moving services, please have all boxes and furniture moved and hidden from view prior to your photographers arrival or additional charges will apply.

Getting Ready for Architectural Photography, less Is more!

  • Large items and Boxes that you would not like in the photos must be moved to a garage or closet prior to arrival.

  • Do not attempt to move items room to room ahead of the photographer, as it often leads to long delays, injury and damages.

  • Often times I will be using 2 to 4 different specialized cameras, for HDR Photography, 3D tours, Drone, and Cinematic Video Tours. This means the house may be photographed, scanned and recorded four (4) separate times. Moving items ahead of each camera system means moving each item 4-6 times.

*Garages and closets are not photogenic, so feel free to fill them up and I won't photograph them.

*Garages and Closets are scanned for measurements.

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Provide 3 Days notice to Cancel or Reschedule to avoid a cancelation fee.

For every 1 hour of photography scheduled:

  • Up to 3 hours of editing are also reserved.

  • Up to 1.5 hours of travel to and from are also reserved.

  • Please be kind and provide 3 days notice if you can not make your appointment window and we can reschedule at no cost.

  • Photos are licensed to the purchasing agent for the marketing of this home and can not be re-sold or given to 3rd parties.

  • Full Terms of service are available here


  • Turn ON all lights: All Lights should be on at 100%. Above and below cabinet lighting, wall lamps, stove hood, China Cabinet light, entertainment center light, desk lamp. All Outside lights including front, patio and pool areas.

  • Turn OFF fans so that fan blades are not moving.

  • Light Dimmers should be set to brightest setting. 

  • App / RGB / Remote Controlled lights should be set to White / Daylight / 100% Brightness

  • **Light Bulbs have a HUGE impact on the quality of the photography.**

  • Light Bulbs: Don’t mix color temperature bulbs in the same fixture or room, i.e. warm white & cool white.

  • Yellow lights, look yellow in photos. Magazine quality images look best with daylight colored lighting.

  • Daylight color temperature light bulbs (5500 K) are the best for photography.

  • If possible use daylight bulbs in the maximum wattage supported by each light fixture.

  • Make Remotes Visible and Operational. Leave fan, light and fireplace remotes in the open, with batteries installed.

  • Turn off All TV's and Computer Monitors.

  • Remove cat litter boxes, cat and dog food/water bowels, and other pet related items.

  • Remove and hide everything possible, phones, chargers, papers.

  • Clean carpets, wooden and tile floors.

  • Arrange or remove some furniture to make the room appear bigger. Less is more!

  • Remove small rugs and place in closet.



  • Custom Drapes – leave in place, if affixed, otherwise, move to each side of the window.

  • Curtains – moves curtains to each side of the window.

  • Blinds – Lower blinds entire length of window and adjust blinds to horizontal position.

  • Vinyl, paper, bamboo, other – Raise blinds to top of window or adjust to horizontal position.



  • Clear counter tops: toasters, coffee makers, paper towels, towels, soap, food, etc.

  • Garbage Can hidden or moved to garage.

  • Close all cabinet doors and draws.

  • Clean counter tops, stove tops and all reflective surfaces like refrigerators and microwave doors.

  • Remove all stickers, magnets, photographs, notes, etc. from front and sides of refrigerator.

  • No dishes in the sink.


  • Verify that Bedding and coverlets are clean and straight.

  • Remove items from underneath bed, if coverlet does not extend to floor.

  • Clean room and place everything into closet or drawers.

  • Remove everything from nightstands and dresser tops.



  • Remove everything from counter tops, shower, and toilet tank, hide out of sight temporarily.

  • Close the toilet seat lid.

  • Clean Mirrors, counters, chrome, and shower glass so they sparkle in pictures.



  • No Cars in Driveway or Yard. 

  • Close garage door.

  • Remove the spiders and webs from screened in patio area around the pool deck.

  • Sweep leaves, dirt etc., from driveway, walkways, patios, decks.

  • Fresh mulch has a big impact on curb appeal.

  • Move Garbage Cans from front of house.

  • Coil garden hose onto garden hose stand or remove.

  • Open patio umbrellas; arrange outdoor furniture for everyday use.

  • Clean pool and remove floating objects from water.

  • Remove yard signs, etc. from flowerbeds.

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